Chemical stabilization of sands with SS21. Case of study: fine sands from the Argentinean Delta

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1 Civil Engineering, Weg Engineering Dublin, Ireland & Weg Ingeniería ,Buenos Aires, Argentina

2 Chemical Engineer, HyGT Chemical, Mexico & Buenos Aires, Argentina


The stabilization of coarse grained soils is a recurring problem in geotechnical engineering around the world due to the condition of these soils while using them for build-ups, highways, infrastructure, and other common applications in engineering practice. Coarse soils, and particularly sands, are materials composed by particles, where gravitational forces predominate over attractive ones. This particular behaviour, makes it necessary to apply a differential approach in comparison with fine grained soils where the problem is focused on the attractive forces.
Based on years of experience in Chemical and Geotechnical engineering, HyGT Chemical SRL (HyGT) and Weg Consultora de Ingenieria SA (WEG) have jointly developed the product HyGT SS21® (SS21), a polymer capable of generating interesting engineering properties in coarse grained soils, particularly developed for sands, the starting point of the development.
After an outstanding performance in laboratory and in field, SS21 has been considered for a formal scientific publication, to show the laboratory test results and potential applications of this product, being in roads, infrastructure, oil and mining, places where it is common to have roads, embankments and slopes on granular soils. The importance of addressing this solution for a real application case, in the case of sands extracted from the Argentine delta, will be demonstrated throughout the document. Results of routine tests in road works will be presented, possible to be replicated in all types of facilities, and draw conclusions in reference to them.


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