Well control during drilling and workover operations

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Petroleum Engineering Dept. Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering- Suez University- Egypt


Kick can occur during drilling or workover operations, since it can easily develop into a blowout even the most simple blowout situation can result in the loss of millions of dollars in equipment and valuable natural resources.  
This research study different killing methods in different situations during drilling and workover operations and the factors that affecting killing procedures. The developed study based on actual field cases in different oil fields and results of DRLLSIM 5000 simulator runs for studying factors affecting killing operations.  This study enables to differentiate conventional and non-conventional killing procedures during drilling and workover operations and introduce new drilling technique to face combination of pipe sticking, complete loss of circulations and kick problems while drilling operations and introduce solutions to prevent blow out while drilling shallow gas formations especially in Egyptian western desert and best killing procedures for production gas wells.


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