Oil characteristics and source rock potential of Abu Rudeis-Abu Zenima area, Central province, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

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Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Menoufia University


The Gulf of Suez region is one of the most important petroleum provinces in Egypt and the Abu Rudeis-Abu Zenima area (ARAZ) located in the central province of the Suez Gulf on the eastern side. The scope of the current work is to evaluate the oils in the ARAZ area to identify oils characteristics and source rock potential using the data of whole oil gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), in addition to stable carbon isotope analysis and vanadium and nickel contents. The bulk oils composition in ARAZ area characterized by moderate saturates and aromatics contents, high sulfur and NSO &asphaltene contents and heavy and normal API gravity. The composition of oils differs primarily due to their degree of thermal maturity. The oils generated from algal marine material with little terrestrial materials deposited under anoxic depositional conditions suggested by a low Pristane/Phytane (Pr/Ph) ratio. Moreover, the oils generated from carbonate source rocks of Thebes and Duwi rock units indicated by high C31-C35 Hopanes (45-50%) and C35/C34 extended Hopane ratio (0.99 – 1.12). The oils reached the peak-oil generation stage (0.85% Ro) indicated by the sterane isomerization ratio (20S % C29) that is less than 55 %. The oils of ARAZ area are matched the oils of the Gulf of Suez.


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