Volume & Issue: Volume 23, Issue 2, December 2021, Pages 1-121 
Challenges of the Seismic Image Resolution for Gas Exploration in the East Mediterranean Sea

Pages 13-23

Moataz Khairy Barakat; Nader El-Gendy; Adly El-Nikhely; Ahmed Zakaria; Hany Hellish

Method Adaptation for Antiscaling Products Efficiency Measurement

Pages 24-34

Anthony Campos; Luis Castillo Campos; Elías Sánchez; Francisco Cotrinton; Lixfe Zamora

Crude anti-accretion additive from petroleum coke distillate

Pages 35-41

Rubén Darío Vega Mejía; Jesús Eduardo Prosperi Torres; Gabriela Yasodhara Figueroa Velásquez

Weld pitch effects on friction stir welding of aluminum alloys

Pages 102-109

Ahmed R.S Essa; Mohamed M.Z. Ahmed; Abdelkarim Y.A Mohamed