A Study on Gas Compressibility Factor for Gas-Condensate Systems

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Petroleum Engineering Department, Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Suez University- Egypt.


Gas compressibility factor is the most important gas property. Its value is required in many petroleum engineering calculations. There are many different sources of gas compressibility factor value such as experimental measurements, equations of state, charts, tables, intelligent approaches and empirical correlations methods. In absence of experimental measurements of gas compressibility factor values, it is necessary for the petroleum engineer to find an accurate, quick and reliable method for predicting these values. This study presents a new gas compressibility factor explicit empirical correlation for gas-condensate reservoir systems above dew point pressure. This new correlation is more robust, reliable and efficient than the previously published explicit empirical correlations. It is also in a simple mathematical form. The predicted value using this new correlation can be used as an initial value of implicit correlations to avoid huge number of iterations. This study also presents evaluation of the new and previously published explicit correlations.


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