Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1 - Serial Number 130, 2018, Pages 1-130 
An Analytical Model of Heat Generation for Friction Stir Welding Using Bobbin Tool Design

Pages 1-5

Mohamed Habba; M. M. Z. Ahmed; Mohamed M. El-Sayed Seleman; Ahmed EL-Nikhaily

A Study on Gas Compressibility Factor for Gas-Condensate Systems

Pages 41-57

Ali M. Wahba; Hamid M. Khattab; Ahmed A. Gawish

An Investigation of Damages in Low Power Wind Turbine Blades

Pages 80-88

Sabbah Ataya; Mohamed M. Z. Ahmed; Essam Ahmed

Production and Characterization of AA7075-Graphite Composite Using Friction Stir Processing

Pages 101-110

Osama M. Awad; Mohamed M. El-Sayed Seleman; M. M. Z. Ahmed; H. R. Ammar