Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 1 - Serial Number 97, 2016, Pages 1-97 
An Optimum Model for Slim Hole Well Kill

Pages 1-10

Amr Abdel Azez; Ahmed Elgibaly; Mohamed Farahat

Oil Reserves Evaluation and Field Development plan of Hakim Oil Field in Libya

Pages 39-53

Omar A.N. Salih; Mahmoud A Tantawy; Sayed Elayouty; Atef Abd Hady

Effect of HYL Process Parameters on the Quality of Iron Ore Reduction

Pages 54-60

Mahmoud Ahmed; Mohamed Shahin; Mohamed Elzeky; Mohamed Ahmed

Evaluation of INS Performance in Mine Mapping

Pages 61-66

Ahmed Zayed; Mostafa Hamama; H. E. Elhifnawy; A. M. Kamel